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1.Upload Business needs to buy corresponding members such as: Shops need to buy “shop member” , private girls need to buy “Independent, private”
After you have successfully purchased a private member, go back to the home page and click to enter “my account / my business”

2.After entering, Click on my company to add new business.

3.Fill in the relevant information
Note: * For required information, after entering the keyboard, press Enter once to confirm the input,
Press “Enter” twice to refresh

4.When you upload a business, you must turn on category switch.
“Business Category” select the corresponding category, for example: Private girl select “private” , female shop assistant select “female shop assistant” (Note: Can only select a category! ! !)

5.If you are a “shop girl, “, please enter the name of the store in the store label. If you are a “private girl,” skip this option.
When you’re done, press next to move on to the next project.

6.Fill in working hours, gallery, price, etc.

7.Finally, Press Update Business to Complete Your Business Upload.