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1. After successfully purchasing store members, return to the homepage and click to enter “My Account / My Business”

2. After entering, click My Businesses / Add New to upload your business

3.Fill in the relevant information
Note: * For required information, after entering the keyboard, press Enter once to confirm the input,
Press “Enter” twice to refresh

4. “Category”
Please choose the appropriate category carefully,
When uploading business, you need to open the category switch
When opening a store, please select “Store” in the “Business” category
Note: Only one category can be selected!

5. Fill in working hours, Location, Gallery, price and other information

6.The schedule of girls in the store can be posted here

7. Steps for uploading girls in the store:

ADD MEDIA / Upload Files / Select Files to select the girl picture you want to add

8. Click Insert into post to insert the picture

9.Click the picture / Edit

10. Fill in the girl’s name in Caption, click Nono to select Custom URL

11. Insert link
Click on the Category page / Search Niki in the search bar / Click on the searched image / Copy the uploaded girl link / Last click Update


12.Finally, press Update Business to complete your business upload